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We all lead busy lives. And along with that are choices made in the spur of the moment around our food and lifestyle standards – takeaway meals, frozen dinners, fizzy drinks, etc. Sometimes they serve us well in the moment, but not so much for the longer term. I used to be the same.

It wasn’t so much a light bulb moment that triggered change. It was more a slow dawning of awareness of chemically laden foods, farmers walking off the land after generations of farming due to poor contractual conditions, the amount of damage plastics is doing to the environment (and our health), plus a whole host of other offerings that weren’t serving us well.

Whilst my days can still be hectic, many of my habits have changed to incorporate conscious consumerism in order to make more sustainable choices. I’m thrilled to have captured these changes in my book Switch on Sustainability, so you can short cut your way to a cleaner, greener more sustainable way of life. It’s good for you & your family, as well as being good for the environment. A perfect win-win for everybody and everything. In my book, Switch on Sustainability, I take you on my journey of becoming a conscious consumer, making better choices for us, and the generations to come.


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